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Course Curriculum

What is covered in this course:


The Crystal Matrix: Introduction

What to Expect in this Course

GAD-7 Form

Things You Will Need

Introduction to CBT

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

What is Anxiety?

What is Low Mood and Depression?

Anxiety Activity 1

Anxiety Activity 2

The Inner Child

The Inner Child

How did the 'Inner Child' get there?

How does the 'Inner Child' come into being?

What are the negative consequences of suppressing the Inner Child?

What nurturing messages can you give your Inner Child

What are some steps by which you can heal your Inner Child

Activity 1: Nurturing your Inner Child

Activity 2: Learning how to feel and how to share feelings

Activity 3: Learning how to play

End of Section

Brain Based Therapy


Goal Setting

What exactly is Goal Setting?

Why it works

Where it goes wrong

Seven deadly sins of Goal Setting

Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling

Your Behaviour Profile

How your Behaviour Profile affects your Goal Setting


Your Aptitude/Intelligence Preference

How to apply your Intelligence Profile to your Goal Setting

Your Motivational Forces

How to apply your Motivational Needs to your Goal Setting

The Big Picture

Life Aspects

Life Aspects Activity

Determine what you really want

How to do a Mind Map

What can you really ACHIEVE?

SWOT Activity

Putting it all together

Halfway Point

Video (2:06)


Establishing Your Goals

Types of Goals


Setting Priorities


Setting Timeframes

Goal Development - How do you actually do it?

More on Goal Measurement

Putting it all together


Prepare Your Personal Action Plan

Intro to Personal Action Plans

Developing Your Action Plan

Activity 1

The Key to Goal Setting Success

Activity 2

How to Manage Procrastination

Review your Action Plan and Goals

Why monitor and review?


Thought Processing

Facing your Fears


Thought Challenging

Stage 1: Catching Thoughts

Stage 1: Activity T

Stage 2: Looking for the Evidence

Stage 2: Activity

Stage 3: Finding an Evidence Based/Alternative Thought

Stage 3: Activity

Problem Solving


Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Create your own Wellbeing Blueprint

Hypnotherapy/Self-Hypnosis (Guided Meditation)

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Wrap Up

End of Programme

Contact Details for Further Advice

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