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Brain Based Therapy Course

A self-paced course providing you with a better understanding of why we think, feel and behave the way we do

What is The Crystal Matrix Method?

The Crystal Matrix Method is an online, self-paced course suitable for adults and teens from 16 years and up. The course takes on an integrative approach and includes 7 free Hypnotherapy MP3 sessions.

The course (and all of the materials on this website) has been devised, written and developed by Ella McCrystal - Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Mindset Coach.

The Crystal Matrix Method course aims to reduce and manage mental health issues by offering Brain-Based Techniques, Resilience Tools and Subconscious Mind Training.

The goal of the online course is to provide individuals with a better understanding of why we think, feel and behave the way we do; whilst also providing solutions to help the user rewire their brain. This Programme aims to help people, help themselves.

The Crystal Matrix Method is a Solution-Focused Programme for people who are feeling low in mood, depressed, anxious and lacking direction and motivation. The Programme provides each user with information, activities, solutions and guided Hypnosis/Meditations… all of which create a healthier, happier mind.

Meet The Team

The Crystal Matrix Team

Course Written by

Ella McCrystal

Psychotherapist / Clinical Hypnotherapist / Coach & Speaker

David Cotterill

International Footballer / Mental Health Advocate / Speaker

Hypnotherapy MP3's, Workbooks and more...

Brain Based Therapeutic Online Course

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