Ella McCrystal

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David Cotterill

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Ella McCrystal

Hypnotherapist/Coach & Speaker

David Cotterill

International Footballer/Mental Health Advocate/Speaker

Ella Provenzano

Sales Co-ordinator

Ella McCrystal has written and devised The Crystal Matrix On-line Programme (She has also written two free kids courses – Watch this space to sign up for them!)

David Cotterill and Ella met at a networking event. David’s passion for spreading awareness of Mental Health issues through his own foundation, was a catalyst for Ella approaching him with her programme. David liked the sound of the programme and agreed to go through the various steps of it to give Ella some feedback. He was impressed! So, after lots of discussion, Ella and David decided to co-found The Crystal Matrix Method. The goal is to supply you with a whole range of courses, hypnotherapy MP3’s, and other self-help tools, providing you with a better understanding of why you think, feel and behave the way you do.

They will be offering Mental Health Seminars and Workshops to the Corporate Sector, Schools and other organisations to help improve understanding and educate on how to implement change on a wider scale.

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