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 Providing you with a better understanding of why we think, feel and behave the way we do

Ella McCrystal

Psychotherapist and Co-Founder of
The Crystal Matrix
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David Cotterill

Co-Founder of The Crystal Matrix and founder of the David Cotterill Foundation

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The Crystal Matrix Method is an online course for adults (which takes on an integrative approach and includes 7 Hypnotherapy MP3’s – It is suitable for 16years and up). The course and all of the materials on this website has been devised, written and developed by Ella McCrystal ~ Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Mindset Coach. (Further courses and materials are currently in development).

The Crystal Matrix is a project that aims to reduce and manage mental health issues by offering Brain-Based techniques, Resilience tools and Subconscious Mind Training

The goal of the online course, is to provide individuals with a better understanding of why we think, feel and behave the way we do; whilst also providing solutions to help the user rewire their brain. This Programme aims to help people, help themselves. The Crystal Matrix Method is a Solution-Focused Programme for people who are feeling distressed, low in mood, depressed or anxious. It helps the user understand why they feel the way they do. The Programme provides each user with information, activities, solutions and guided Hypnosis/Meditations…All of which create a healthier, happier mind. The Programme takes an integrative approach using Brain Based techniques. 

• Brain Based Therapies (CBT in particular) can be as effective as medication in treating some mental health disorders and may be helpful in cases where medication alone has not worked.

• Can be completed in a relatively short period of time.

• Focuses on re-training your thoughts and altering your behaviours, in order to make changes to how you feel.

• The highly structured nature of the techniques used on the Programme means it can be implemented very easily and effectively.

• Skills you learn with Brain Based therapies (and CBT in particular) are useful, practical and helpful strategies that can be incorporated into everyday life to help you cope better with future stresses and difficulties, even after you’ve completed the Programme.

This approach takes into account the dynamic interplay between our mind, body, social interaction and the environment (in relation to how our mental health and well-being are affected). Brain Based Therapies (BBT) are a group of amazingly powerful, all natural healing techniques used to restore people to their optimum state of mental and physical health.  The psychological approaches in the Programme teach individuals skills for life.

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The Crystal Matrix Team

Ella McCrystal

Ella McCrystal

Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Coach & Speaker

David Cotterill

David Cotterill

International Footballer/Mental Health Advocate/Speaker

Ella Provenzano

Ella Provenzano

Sales Co-ordinator

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A self-paced, self-learn course providing you with a
better understanding of why we think, feel and behave
the way we do.

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